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Grade 6 : Puppetry
6th Grade Students will complete a 7 week course on puppetry.  The course will focus on taking a Greek Myth and adapting it into a puppet show.  We will cover Greek Myths and Mythology, Script Writing, Puppet making, and performance methods.  The class will conclude with a 3-5 minute puppet show that is open to parents, staff, and students.
Grade 5: Creative Dramatics
5th Grade Student will complete a 7 week course on creative dramatics.  The purpose of this course is to introduce theatre in a fun and exciting way.  Students will work on performing, public speaking, and being creative.  Projects will be theatre based but wlll also cover topics explored in their Language Arts, SS, Science, and Math Classes.   We will also introduce the art form of musical theatre by watching The Sound Of Music.
Grades 7 and  8- Play Production
7th and 8th Grade Students will complete a 7 week course called Play Production.  The purpose of this class is to produce a full length one-act play.  The show that the class produces will be student acted, designed, and managed.  The class will conclude with the performance of the 25-35 minute play that is open to the parents, staff, and students.  We will also take a break and watch a professional stage version of The Phantom of The Opera and talk about how Broadway shows are created.
Grade 7 and 8- Movie Making
7th and 8th Grade Students will complete a 7 week course called, "Lights, Camera Action!"  This course will focus on making video projects and movies.  Students will use the I-Movie Application to create an original movie trailer, a news broadcast, a PSA, and a short 3-5 minute original movie.   We will also go over the history of American Cinema and talk about the top 100 American Movies. We will watch and discuss the film, "12 Angry Men."

Grade 6 Puppet Show #4

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